Getting back to writing after a rut

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You know the feeling, writing everyday, crushing NaNoWriMo, finishing your first draft & staying on top of everything.

Even if it’s just staying on track for 3 days, it feels pretty amazing.

& then you stop writing for half a year or even more. Ups.

The guilt, the shame, that little voice in your head repeating to you «You’re not a writer, You don’t even write. How can you pick up that project after a Millenia of ignoring it?»

But also just missing writing for fun, because yes writing is fun. That’s why you chose to be a writer right? You enjoyed writing & odds are you probably still do.

So, how does one go back to the basics?

First thing first: Free yourself from judgement

So you having written in ages & you don’t even remember how to use commas, anymore, who cares?

When we strive for perfection, we ignore the fact that it does not exist, specially in art. The beauty of creating is that it’s never straight forward & it never takes us to where we thought we would get to, but to somewhere much better.

So let go of the destination, let go of expectations, let yourself create & let the outcome surprise you. It can be much better than you imagined.

2. Allow yourself to procrastinate by consuming writing content

Sometimes we’re just not ready. Or maybe we just don’t have the energy to pick up writing again at the moment & that’s okay.

Low key researching might help with motivation to write or to continue your projects in the future. In addition, learning new techniques will always come in handy when you do actually start writing again.

So sit back & binge on YouTube videos, you’re doing important research for your next best seller. (yes, really!)

3. Join a writing community

No, you don’t need to get out of the house, calm down.

Make a Tumblr, an Instagram or a Twitter & blog about writing. Say that you’re a writer & believe it! Talk about how you haven’t written at all or how you only managed to write 50 words last months & you had to scrap all of it.

Writing is hard & when you’re starting your career, chances are that you don’t know much or any writers at all. So go look for them! Ask them about their projects & what they’re working on. Share dreams & struggles, be accountability buddies, etc.

There are tons of writing communities online & offline that are always on the look out for new members & new perspectives. So go for it! Let’s procrastinate together.

4. Start small

Forget your book for a while & ask yourself: what do you want to write right now?

Do you need to vent? Project all your problems into a new character or just journal & do some poetry.

Do you want to start a new story? Go for it!

Not sure where to start? Try prompts & random generators.

When I feel blocked or stuck I create a story base on a name, a place or a random action (a verb) & just see where it goes.

Even if I’m not intentionally working on my existing projects, a random word might spark an idea to fix a plot hole that I had for a while or add a new character or even an idea for how to develop the story further.

& remember, no judgement of your work until it’s done & fully edited!

5. Write. Period.

Just sit down & write. Let the words flow even when they don’t.

We all encounter set backs & we all need breaks, but if you want to write & keep putting it off because of fear, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

You’re not doing anybody any favors either. You don’t know who you can impact with your writing.

Your point of view matters.

The worlds that you create are important.

The stories that you dream to bring to life deserve to be written.

So open that word document & let it all out. Plot holes are a second draft problem!

Did I miss something? Let me know how you get back to writing after a rut! Help a girl out!

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